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Essential Skills for a Startup!

The overlooked aspects of working in a startup environment.

Demystifying the Start-up culture

After working in startups for the past three years which ranged from established startups with thousand plus employees to the other one which has nearly twenty employees I understood that there are certain skills that are much more important than the others. Start-up joinees who excel at these skills are sure to make their life a lot easier at their workplace compared to those who do not. I have listed down a few of them here.

  • Managing Work & Timelines
  • Working with Teammates
  • Dealing with Management
  • Getting budget allocated for your project


These small yet really important aspects of working in startups are something I would advise everyone to pick up. This has really helped me a lot at my workplace and is something that is an unsaid part of the job yet tends to become super-important on a day-to-day basis.



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