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Aditya Anand
4 min readNov 17, 2019


If you are a regular visitor here welcome back and if not I hope you become one. Just to give the first-timers a heads up, I write article on cybersecurity, the lack there is of it, computer hacks and related things, well you get the gist of it. Now that you are here and have a faint idea of what this is about, let me tell you why I wrote this article.

Thing is I have been blogging on this website for more than a year now and to be true I myself have lost track of all the articles that I have written and I just want to unclutter the mess and index it all properly. I kind of have a slight compulsive disorder to have things sorted up properly and funnily even enough despite that I am extremely bad at coding those sorting algorithms.

Well, now let me try sorting all these articles I have written. So, the approach I am taking to sort these out is to actually categorize them into the kind of articles they are first and then sort them in the way I published them over time ( old at top, recent at bottom ), so that you can get a sense of which article in any category is the most recent.


Personal Hacks

  1. How I got a 149$ t.v. subscription for 0.01$?
  2. How I found a SQL flaw on an online medical instrument store?
  3. How I found an XSS vulnerability on the most prestigious engineering university in India?
  4. How I bypassed the “maximum three incorrect login” policy?
  5. How I hacked an online exam portal and gave my exam from my home?
  6. How I got a 1999₹ worth jersey for 1₹ ?
  7. How I crashed a website with a single line command?
  8. How I hacked an online dating website?
  9. How I gained admin level access to a website?
  10. How I bypassed the OTP verification process? Part - 1
  11. How I bypassed the OTP verification process? Part - 2
  12. How I pranked my friend using DNS Spoofing?
  13. How I hacked into my neighbour’s WiFi and harvested login credentials?
  14. How I made a fake access point to harvest login credentials?
  15. How I found a way to view paid content on an online streaming website for free?
  16. How I hacked into an internet cafe?
  17. How I bypassed the face-unlock security on my OnePlus 6?
  18. How I made a programmable hacking USB device to infiltrate PCs?
  19. How I hacked into a college’s database!
  20. How I hacked into a college’s website again!
  21. How I kicked off people from my WiFi network to boost my internet speed?
  22. How I harvested Facebook credentials via free wifi?
  23. How I bypassed the OTP verification process? Part - 3

CTF Writeups

  1. Bashed - A HackTheBox Writeup
  2. Valentine - A HackTheBox Writeup

Secure Coding

  1. How to write secure code? - Injection Attacks
  2. How to write secure code? - Broken Auth & Session Management
  3. How to write secure code? - Cross Site Scripting

Malware Analysis

  1. Malware Analysis 101
  2. Malware Analysis 101 - Basic Static Analysis
  3. Malware Analysis 101 - Sandboxing

Breaking Down : Hashing Algorithms

  1. Breaking Down: SHA-1 Algorithm
  2. Breaking Down : MD5 Algorithm
  3. Breaking Down : SHA-512 Algorithm
  4. Breaking Down : SHA-256 Algorithm
  5. Breaking Down : SHA-3 Algorithm


  1. Docker 101: Introduction
  2. Docker 101: Images & Dockerfiles
  3. Docker 101: Layered Architecture & Networking
  4. Docker 101: Volume & Bind Mounting
  5. Docker 101: Docker Compose
  6. Docker 101: Docker Registry Docker Engine

Work Diary

  1. Work Diary - Research work & Deployment of Security Policies
  2. Work Diary - SystemBack & Third Party Security Tools
  3. Work Diary - Designing & Setting up Work from Home!

Informative & Miscellaneous

  1. SSL Strip & How awesome it is!
  2. How to load your webpage faster?
  3. How Indians lost their online & offline privacy?
  4. How I cracked CEH, CHFI & ESCA certifications within 20 days?
  5. Insider Threats - Importance & Prevention
  6. How to develop more secure applications for app-developers?
  7. How to hack any Payment Gateway?
  8. How I developed a full-fledged Security Operations Centre using ELK Stack?
  9. How I setup an industry grade Firewall on my home network?
  10. Set-up Work from Home Infra at Zero Cost!
  11. How to cheat on your online exams?

So, now that you have a well made index for all the articles I have written and the links to all of those is provided here so that you can easily navigate through the cyber-sec landscape created by my articles.

Go on and explore it all! I hope we meet again, friend.

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