How to cheat on your online exams?

A solution that nearly works for all cases!

Let’s dig in!

So, the reason to write this article was to find a methodology that helps people to cheat on exams that they are giving from home. This article is supposed to be a non-technical hack” to get past the security checks that most of the online examination guidelines asks the student to adhere to. Tons of students have been reaching out to me as to how to stay within these guidelines and still be able to cheat on the exam.

The theory behind it…

So, recently I have been contacted by students regarding how to bypass the security checks of their online examination. This was because of another article that I wrote earlier, How I hacked my online exam portal and gave exam from home?.

Let’s get practical

If these examination apps can’t check or better yet don’t check for things like dual screen then this is something we can take advantage of. The idea I proposed to one of the students was to attach a monitor to their laptop and replicate the output of the laptop on that monitor.

Replicating laptop screen on another display!


Well, I just wanted to write this article as an outburst and to pass some time helping out my friends who are developing the skills that actually matter rather than parroting the stuff being taught at school. Students “Do the things you love, not what others tell you to do”. One of the best statement I heard and that resonated with me was “Love the work you do and you never have to work again in your life.”



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