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4 min readOct 18, 2023


It’s been a long time since I have published my articles and shared my thoughts about cybersecurity or anything else here. As they say “Build in secret, and let your success make the sound” I am trying to follow that quote though right now I am still very much in the first part of it.

In the past few years I have switched jobs worked at various fintech and AI/ML companies, securing their infrastructure and helping them carry out their business securely. After working at all sort of different sized companies I got to learn a lot and slowly figure out the inner workings of companies and how they work at smaller scales as well as at huge scale. It was after working in the industry for 4+ years that I thought it’s time to bring in some change and that led to creation of SECUREU.

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Let’s dig in!

So you must be thinking right about now that “What exactly is SECUREU?” So let me provide you with a crystal clear and crisp answer to it.

SECUREU is a cybersecurity company dedicated to assisting small and mid sized businesses in fortifying their defenses against cyberattacks and safeguarding their digital assets. Our core expertise lies in data loss prevention solutions complemented by thorough security scans to identify vulnerabilities lurking within the infrastructure and products of these companies.

Great, so by now you should have a basic idea about SECUREU and a good hunch of what we do. Right about now you must be thinking that what “unique value proposition” does this startup have over the several other security startups in the market. But before we get into that let me share some points with you.

Cyber security has been monopolized by big companies offering high priced security solutions to even larger companies with deep pockets to purchase them. Most of the well known tools for enterprises are non-customizable, highly priced and an overkill for smaller organizations.

Once I understood this major problem myself after working in various different organizations, just like you do understand it now. It became clear to me that something new was required and that was when I started building SECUREU with these following fundamentals at the base of it:-

a) Custom-Tailored Solutions -
The security solutions we provide to our customers are custom tailored to their needs. We don’t provide off the shelf, one answer for all type of solutions.

b) Cost Effective Solutions -
Our target market consists of small & mid sized companies. They focus on utilizing the resources at hand towards building their business diligently rather than spending elsewhere if it can be avoided.

c) Vital & Scalable Tooling -
At SECUREU we focus on creating scalable tools by listening to the specific requirements of our customers. We provide our clients with the essentials without being an overkill for their infrastructure thus enabling us to be budget-friendly.

After reading all this I believe you must have gotten an even clearer picture of what SECUREU has set out to do and why. Though you might be thinking “It’s good and it makes sense but does this really set them apart?”. As a company we have our own take on this question, read on.

SECUREU’s Goal, Mission, & Role

SECUREU’s Goal, Mission, & Role

There are various companies those who have set even more ambitious goals and have come up with astounding ideas to solve it and we respect that. Though as a company we believe that the ideas and goals are only as good as the bunch of people trying to bring it to life and the sound ideologies on which they decide to build it upon.

Hence for everyone at SECUREU having an in-depth understanding of our goal, our mission, and our role is extremely important.

Our Goal -

Making security solutions accessible to businesses with our customized and affordable solutions

Our Mission -

Proactively secure our clients and their customers from cyber threats & help them expand their business securely

Our Role -

Providing comprehensive security solutions to ensure safety and protection of our clients

At SECUREU we believe that if we build upon these ideologies and continue on this tough yet extremely rewarding path we can bring something brilliant into existence that everyone of us could be proud of.


So, what do you think? Convinced yet? We want to help every small and medium businesses to have access to the state of the art security solutions currently available to only large corporations. We know and realize that there are tons of improvements we would have to go as a company to reach our destination of serving security solutions to businesses across the globe.

It is a tough ask and we are aware of it but everyone at SECUREU is dedicated to make it turn into a reality. Also to be entirely true there is also the fact that all of us at SECUREU loves a challenge, something we can give it our all to achieve.

P.S. I would to have a chat with you and hear your opinions and suggestions that might help us improve ourselves. If you want to join us on our journey of building SECUREU from the ground up, check the details below to reach out to us.

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