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Aditya Anand
5 min readOct 25, 2023


In the last article that I published, I explained in detail about the rationale behind building SECUREU. It definitely is a huge challenge to manage and build a firm and hence I wanted to share my reasons behind it with you all first.

After the article was published loads of people reached out and told that they have found the article extremely clear and concise. They loved that it cuts right through the unnecessary context and focused on the important information. They all raised the simple question “What are the services that SECUREU provides? and What exactly do you do to help your customers?”

These questions led to me write another article describing the services that SECUREU has championed after rigorously working on them for over a year and the approach we took to arrive at this junction which obviously included a lot of trial and error.

Let’s dig in!

So, a year back when SECUREU came into being it started with providing run of the mill security services like web application pen-test, network pen-test, mobile app pen-test to name a few. These were legitimate services that many security companies provide. But this didn’t set us apart and gave us our “unique value proposition” that was required to build up the business.

Being new to this whole experience we made several mistakes. We listed down the services we were confident in providing to our clients but never knew if they needed it to begin with as we didn’t do an in-depth research about the requirements of our clients.

Customer First Approach

We were missing out on engaging with our clients from the beginning and this was extremely critical and hence we were not able to head towards the right direction. Being a bookworm luckily I came across the book The Lean Startup and it helped me immensely, and I quote “Intently listen to clients’ feedback and understand their need and then start building for it.”

This gave us a fresh new perspective and we started introspecting about the features and services our clients asked us for in the several engagements we have had with them and at that moment it all became clear to us about what we need to focus on.

Our Enhanced Services

We had a brainstorming session to list out all the features our clients have been asking us. After several long sessions we listed down various services out of which the following three services were deemed as the most important and most asked for among our customers.

a) Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
DLP solutions are meant to secure a company against data leakage attacks where external or internal parties knowingly or unknowingly exfiltrate critical information out of the company to provide to competitors or other nefarious parties.

b) Vulnerability Assessment & Pen-Testing (VAPT)
VAPT is a service we provide to our clients where we analyze their cyber-infrastructure as well as their services and products that they create for their customers for security loopholes. We figure out those loopholes and report it back to them and work with them to help them secure it.

c) DevSecOps
Secure Dev-Ops is a service we provide where we work with the client’s development team and help them introduce secure dev-ops tools in their CI/CD pipeline to help them create secure products from the get go . We also regularly interact with the developers and help them understand about how to inculcate secure coding practices while building a new feature for their product.

The reason we went for these services were quite obvious when we looked at it in hindsight.

  • Data Loss Prevention is one of the most sought out topics in cybersecurity right now because of the rising number of data leaks that severely damage the company’s credibility
  • VAPT is the methodology via which we are able to find the security loopholes which an external attacker can utilize to severely harm the company’s infrastructure and their operations.
  • DevSecOps ensures that the products our customers are creating for their clients are secure to begin with hence reducing the number of security loopholes that appear during an in-depth pen-test of the application. It helps our clients ship out secure and reliable product on an even faster pace.

Quality over Quantity

Once we decided that these three services are what we will concentrate upon, it reduced our workload by several folds because it gave us mental clarity regarding the targets we were to chase. This allowed us to double down and enhance our expertise and improve the quality of our services.

Currently we have been focusing mainly on the DLP solutions that focuses on Endpoint Security, Email Security, etc. We have built our own custom tool to secure the Windows and Linux OS machines for our clients to protect against the majority of data exfiltration attacks. We have managed to polish our VAPT services to a huge level and have build custom tools regarding the various pen-testing services we offer from it being cloud security, website security, API security, or network security.

Our aim at SECUREU is to do things right with customer satisfaction no matter how minute it might be. “The goal of achieving reliable and scalable solutions drive innovation and growth at SECUREU.” We understand the need to build a trustworthy product that can be shipped to the customers and help them truly become secure against various malicious attacks. Hence the call to go for quality of our three products over the quantity of being able to provide various services has really propelled us forward in the right direction.


This article conveys a clear cut idea about the specific services that SECUREU provides to the customer, why we provide those services, and how truly beneficial our services are for our customers with the rising cases of cyberattacks.

In this age of break-neck development speed and cut-throat competition building a company like SECUREU might be tough but we as a team understand the work it will take to convert SECUREU into a thriving business. Hence we know we need to focus on our strengths, and provide the best service we can at the best prices to win over our customers and retain them while continuing to provide outstanding services.

P.S. I would love to have a chat with you our great readers and hear your opinions and suggestions that might help us improve ourselves. If you want to join us on our journey of building SECUREU from the ground up, check the details below to reach out to us.

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