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Aditya Anand
5 min readNov 15, 2023


Last week I published an article detailing about our Data Loss Prevention service to provide an in-depth view about all that we have been working on at SECUREU. We believe these detailed service explanations provide important insights to our customers as well as for security enthusiasts looking to join SECUREU and contribute their knowledge and experience towards building a secure future.

After publishing our previous article we decided to write other articles as well to provide you an in-depth view of our other services as well. This is an attempt to describe the journey on how we started the company with Vulnerability Assessment & Pen-Testing as our primary offering, the time we put into it and how it fits in with all the other services that are part of our offering.

Let’s dig in!

Vulnerability Assessment & Pen-Testing is an extremely valuable service to any organization as they grow in size and it has played an important part in our growth as well. The reason behind this is that when we started SECUREU we were trying to identify the issues which small and mid sector organization faces . With time we understood our customers requirements based on our three principles “customizable, affordable, and scalable solutions” and started to work on enhancing our VAPT services that we provided to our customers.

Hence from the start we decided to figure out what the best we can do. Though one of the things we soon realized after stepping in the market is, “customer satisfaction is the priority”. After understanding this we landed up our very first customer due to our expertise in our VAPT solution.

Vulnerability Assessment: Finding out the loopholes

The demand for cyber security is growing and our customers and the people they do business with requires best security reports for themselves. Every company now needs to generate their security reports to show that they are best in the industry and hence whenever customers reach out to us we work with them to figure out the security loopholes that might be present in the infrastructure. Our security reports and vulnerability assessment helps our customers generate trust within their current and future clients and generate more business for themselves.

Various companies skip the VAPT process and start by trying to implement security features which are generally listed in various security compliance guidebooks without actual knowledge about the security loopholes.

This enables the customers to save both time, money, and effort but in the long run this methodology always comes back to haunt them and becomes their worst nightmare. The reason is quite simple, “one checklist fits all” is a very bad practice to follow as every organization is different. Even though these security checklists create a thin secure layer, enough to showcase to land you more clients but it fails to consider various scenarios that might be unique to the customer’s business.


This is exactly where SECUREU comes in to help small and mid scale businesses. We work with our customers to get an in-depth understanding of their company’s infrastructure and the way it has been built. This helps us understand where the security posture of an organization is at and what guardrails we need to put in place to make it better

In the beginning of our pen-test exercise we do our best to understand the essential details about our customers and then we proceed ahead with carrying out the in-depth pen-test. The extra time we spend on understanding the infrastructure helps us a lot while we carry out the pen-test exercise. It makes us aware about the critical assets of the organization and we can then better allot our time and focus to the ones that are more quintessential for the customer’s business to run smoothly.

You might think that all these steps might lead to increased timings to conduct our pen-test exercise an then wait for the reports but we have already thought this through and built internal tools designed specifically to the needs of our special task force to be able to conduct fast pen-test exercises.

This allowed us to increase the speed of our pen-test and decreased the time by nearly 50% compared to when we utilized generic security tools.

Currently, our special task force are in the midst of refining our custom made pen-test tools to make them even more intuitive and efficient to cater to small and mid business sectors. Simultaneously our security team is also working on increasing our expertise around the vulnerability assessment services we provide to our customers.

It took a two pronged approach to properly enhance our vulnerability assessment service offering for our customers. One side we have our internal development team working on making custom tools to increase our speed and on the other hand we have our security team working hard to increase our expertise in the field. A secure infrastructure, free of security loopholes is the only way to grow a businesses without worrying about the malicious actors trying to sabotage the hard work and money.


At SECUREU we truly believe that Vulnerability Assessment is a critical requirement which every company must go through on a periodical basis to ensure that the business is secure and no unknown threat actors are hiding in the company’s infrastructure. A comprehensive security check helps our customers customers showcase it to their clients as well as help them remain compliant.

We are working day and night to make our tools more reliable to provide the most customized and affordable services. It takes time, passion, and support to build something and luckily at SECUREU we have plenty of it all and we are only getting started.

P.S. I would love to have a chat with you and hear your opinions and suggestions that might help us improve ourselves. If you want to join us on our journey of building SECUREU from the ground up, check the details below to reach out to us.

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