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Aditya Anand
5 min readNov 1, 2023


Thankfully! I have been able to publish articles more consistently as I have just so much to share with you all regarding the developments and progress we have been making at SECUREU. The last article focused specifically upon all the services that SECUREU provided to it’s customers.

It stuck to me mid way in process of writing the previous article that I have too much to share with you about the various services that we provided and so I didn’t unfold all our cards in one go and that is how this blog was born. My aim is to describe each of the services we provide with more in-depth explanation about its requirement and the hard work being put into it to build it from the ground up.

Let’s dig in!

Everyone of us is aware about the critical importance of data in the modern digital world. “Knowledge is Power” is a well known statement but let us dissect this further to try and figure out what exactly is knowledge. Knowledge is nothing else but an intelligently sorted out bunch of information and if we dig deeper we get to understand that information is ultimately nothing else but a collection of data. So in other words the building block for attaining more power is data.

That is what SECUREU is set out to guard and protect for our various customers. We understand the importance of data and the role it plays for our customers. Data leaked to anyone whether it is the competitor or beong held at ransom by malicious hackers or mistakenly lost during an internal migration. It is SECUREU’s role to help guide our customers and plan against all these modern attack scenarios and keep them protected and safe throughout the journey.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): The New Era of Threat

Data Loss Prevention lays the foundation of a firm’s overall security strategy. It focuses on detecting and preventing the loss, leakage or misuse of data through exfiltration or unauthorized usage. Securing critical data of the company is definitely one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. The data that we secure are not only important for the company but also to their paying customers.

The importance for securing data became evidently visible after having direct chats with our clients. DLP solution ensures that the huge stores of data which is being worked on by our customer needs to be kept secure and didn’t land in the hands of the competitors, or get mistakenly leaked out.

Data Loss Prevention at SECUREU

Once we understood the rising need for the DLP solutions, our developers made it their focus point and started to build new and enhanced DLP solutions.

Working fast and changing quickly in the right direction is one of the best things about startups. The team came along to brainstorm about the DLP solutions, carrying out research about various aspects i.e. what type of data our customers deal with, who are our competitors in the market, what solutions are being provided in the market, and what are the gaps in the current solution.

After tireless hours of researching we came across various DLP solutions which were mostly meant for the enterprise. These were complex solutions only fit for the large companies. We anticipated there was a huge gap for reliable DLP solutions for the smaller and medium sector businesses. Very soon with all our attention focused on the right path our development team made significant progress on the DLP solutions.

The progress we made with these solutions were quite outstanding due to the fact that we managed to create an extremely efficient feedback loop mechanism. We have a group of passionate security folks in our team. They constantly came up with suggestions for the features that we needed to add to ensure a robust DLP solution. The developers on our team got constant feedback and it helped us develop our solutions a lot faster.

Currently we are in the midst of refining our cross-platform “Endpoint Security” solution that is meant to secure the PCs and laptops provided to the employees against data leakage from both internal and external threats. Apart from this we have been focusing upon “Server Hardening”, “Email Security”, and “Identity & Access Management” to be able to provide our clients with a whole suite of solutions to properly secure their critical data against any attack.

We have put our heart and soul into building these solutions which can reliably secure our customers while sticking to our aim of keeping the tools customizable, scalable, and affordable. Data Security is going to be one of the most important aspects of security and at SECUREU we are aiming to enhance our solution for the small and medium level businesses to be able to secure themselves and grow their businesses without worrying about the malicious actors trying to sabotage their hard work and money.


At SECUREU we truly believe that Data Loss Prevention is the most important aspects of cybersecurity and this article is an attempt to bring forth the work that is being carried out to ensure that our customers have the best solutions present with them to secure their data and infrastructure.

We are working hard to make our tools as reliable as possible and provide diverse set of restrictions that can be made suitable for every different kind of work environment while being extremely easy to work with. It takes time, passion, and support to build something and luckily at SECUREU we have plenty of it all and we are only getting started.

P.S. I would love to have a chat with you and hear your opinions and suggestions that might help us improve ourselves. If you want to join us on our journey of building SECUREU from the ground up, check the details below to reach out to us.

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